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Croft Company International and its subsidiaries and partners have been a registered company in the United Kingdom since 2007.

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Croft Company international

We are a registered company in the United Kingdom since 2007.

Croft Company International Companies House’ registration number: 06254033

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services for clients

Mailing services

We offer mail forwarding services (maildrop services) to clients around the World, with addresses from the UK, USA, and Europe.

Domain hosting services

We offer hosting services for your domain(s) from simple Linux-based hosting services, including free SSL per domain. We are also available to provide you with a .onion url, combined to hosting on the TOR-network.

Phone services

We can offer you a UK-based phone number. It's calls can be forwarded to your actual phone number, it can also have an answering machine. The UK-number can also be used as a Fax number, and you would then receive the fax as a pdf file to your email.

International driving permits

We are now available to offer you International driving permits, which for example for UK-licence holders is a must to have when driving outside of the UK.

Driving insurance in EU/UK

We offer an alternative to extremely expensive driving insurances through our affiliate. In order to qualify for the insurance your vehicle's MOT or other equivalent must only be up to date. Save a lot on insurance fees per year.

Citizenship by Investment

We can now offer actual citizenship to many Caribbean countries.

Namechange services

We can now offer you official and legal name change by Deed Poll.

Legal services

We can offer you Powers of Attorneys, Living Wills, Pre-nuptual agreements and other legal documents that are validated within the European Union and largely in the UK too.

Honorary doctorates

We can through our affiliates offer you legal Honorary Doctorates (Dr.h.c. ~ Doctor Honoris causa), which will look really magnificent on your business cards.

Business cards

We can through our affiliates offer you customized business cards based on your own designs and information. The cards can now have rounded corners; they can be made the traditional way, on pvc-plastic or even metallic materials

Business logo design

We can offer you a nice logo for your business, to be used on your website, stationary paper, and other suitable objects.

For Micronations

We can now through our affiliates procure passports, ID-cards etc. for your own micronation.

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